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Dec 31, 2012 2:00am EST
's minister edward. edward, andrew, angela, it's a delight to have you. before we hear from andrew and angela, i call in order to read a message from the prime minister, from yorkshire. [applause] member of the parliament, i'm -- [inaudible] we are -- this is your opportunity to debate -- by more than [inaudible] 260,000 people. -- [inaudible] include -- [inaudible] the children and the people. he has -- [inaudible] to listen to your -- [inaudible] and translate your views to the hard work of government. your meeting today will be young people ato -- the opportunity to debate issues that -- [inaudible] it's a big thing. i wish you the latest -- [inaudible] i look forward to hearing your debates. thank you. [applause] >> thank you for reading that. that is a delight to have the prime minister's support. i now call to say some words to us, the leader of the house of commons. mr. andrew. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. [applause] thank you, mr. speaker. members of the you'll parking lotment, i'm debated to -- that righted to welcome you for the fourth annual sitting. the sitting have becom
Dec 29, 2012 2:00pm EST
much. crux the gentleman yields back. -- the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes mrs. edward from maryland. >> i want to echo how delightful it has been to have you as our chairman for the past couple of years. i have enjoyed your company and your service on the committee. i think you for that, and for tolerating meet occasionally. -- me occasionally. i am a twitter follower of nasa 's. nasa has 2.3 million followers. it is not insignificant. it is more than the first lady and r g three and nascar. -- rgiii and nascar. how we can capture that so it also translate into support on a fiscal level is the challenge, the range of activity that we expect of the agency. over this next couple of hours or so, as i am following my twitter feeds, i noted that nasa assures us that the world is not going to end on december 21. #curiosity was the fifth most hashtag over this pastst year year. when i was growing up, our embrace of the agency was because of the apollo missions. did was sitting in kindergarten and first grade and whenever those other grades and watching of the liftoff. that in
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am EST
. it is at supersonic for reentry. the reason it does is that mike adams got killed while i was working at edwards during reentry. he did not have the pitch accurate within about that much range and he did not have the yaw accurate within about that much rain, and that haunted me. i thought that was the reason we would not have commercial space flight. the pilot for spaceshipone reentry -- by the way, there is not autopilot. the only thing controlling those controls are the rudder pedals on a mock 0.3 airplane. you have the electric fin on the tail. just like a piper cub. [laughter] weird, huh? you could be at apogee in spaceshipone, eat your lunch, handoff, and do as a free entry -- safe reentry. you're not putting yourself at risk like mike adams put himself at risk. this is just a picture is google earth. out to the right is the white knight climbing 50% more altitude than an airliner. going up about 50,000 feet. from up there, about 70 miles, you're looking on the horizon. this is why we stopped flying space ships. i wanted to fly one every five months to show reliability and cost for future s
Dec 22, 2012 10:00am EST
is edward joseph. i'm with johns hopkins sais. great to be here today. great discussion. in fact, i'd like to quote further on a comment that shadi made about the legitimacy of the document, which to me is the key question. and after all, we were talking about a referendum on the constitution, it's not a referendum on a law. the constitution is the foundation for egypt's democracy. and if i could, shadi, ask you and khaled, to probe further, assuming of course that it passes, which is very likely to happen, do you believe that fundamentally egyptians across the spectrum will accept this constitution as legitimate? even if they decide to participate in parliamentary elections which shadi raised as a possibility, even if they decide to participate, will they say, "yes, this is our constitution. it passed. i may not like it but i accept it." just to round the question out, is there a sense at all among liberals that, "hey, we were the ones fighting this revolution. you guys were 'johnny come lately. we were the ones who were there at the beginning and this is our revolution," and in that sens
Dec 17, 2012 2:00am EST
last week we heard from edward, the president and ceo of the association of american railroads, who argues there should be one operator and that operator should be amtrac. he stated amtrak is a leader in security and is a great partner for the private sector. significant infrastructure improvements are needed to modernize it and enable it to meet growing demand. in maryland, the tunnel, which carries every train traveling in washington d.c., much more -- must be replaced. the tunnel was opened in 1873. its design limits train speeds to 30 miles an hour. we can and must do better. this is the united states. in an effort to begin the long process that will be required to eliminate this, i support a conclusion -- and inclusion to work with amtrak, the city of baltimore, the state of maryland, to select and improve a new rail alignment through baltimore that will have an increase in train speed and service reliability. this requires environmental reviews for the new alignment to be complete -- to be completed by 2013. the project is from recovery, $16 million in recovery. so, we move fo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5